Artist statement




My interest lies in the inner landscape, the artistic expression of the inner self and the activity of the artistic process. I explore these themes through process based ink wash painting, combined with scanography. With an increasing interest in how process and repetition acts as meditative instruments in art making, I combine traditional and contemporary art making practices to create a new visual language.

My work is influenced by Eastern philosophies, including Japanese Zen calligraphy and ink wash painting as well as the writings of Wassily Kandinsky regarding the spiritual in art, which influenced the work of the Abstract Expressionists. Time and change plays a central role in my work, linking it to the Process and Environmental Art movements, where specific forces of nature is isolated.

My scanogram paintings are non-representational and biomorphic, allowing chemistry and evaporation to create the work. The textures are created through the combination of black Indian ink and water puddling, which creates a variety of effects on the paper and scanner surface.

Through my work I aim to focus attention on Time as an ephemeral concept, by allowing the viewer to appreciate the transient moment in full by looking closer. I then shift the focus towards the beauty of accumulated time, where the creative journey and process becomes more important than the end product.